Our problems are not merely ones of choosing the right career, finding the right mate, learning how to recover from loss and grief, knowing how to navigate difficult relationships, or any other number of challenges. They are basically how to remain whole amid adversity; how to remain balanced and true; and how to remain strong despite hardship and crisis. Horizon Counseling provides resources and licensed professional services to those who need assistance to accomplish their goals with clarity and purpose. Skilled guidance of a caring counselor can make the difference.

People who take responsibility for their lives tend to seek the help they need. They live an active orientation to life instead of a passive one, without hope of change. They make change happen. They understand that accepting full responsibility for their life means change and growth. They recognize that they must make decisions and use the resources presented to them. They also recognize that it is smart to ask for help when they need it, and for that help to benefit them, they must use it. Horizon Counseling is here to help. Help begins by calling for an appointment to meet with a caring counselor.

Mission & Values

Our mission at Horizon Counseling and Consulting is to provide professional competent counseling in an inspiring atmosphere that offers encouragement and hope.

It is important to convey our values and what makes Horizon Counseling and Consulting distinctive. It is our belief that to the extent we know and understand our values, is the extent that we will impact our profession and our work with clients. Our core values represent a model of best practices and how we conduct ourselves on a daily basis. We are:

Christ Centered – while providing solid psychological treatment, it is implemented with a genuine commitment to Christ and appreciation for the work God is capable of doing in people’s lives.

Morally and Ethically Bound – guided by the professional codes of ethics from the American Counseling Association, the National Board for Certified Counselors, the Rules of the Georgia Composite Board of Professional Counselors…, and Georgia Law for Professional Counselors…

Directed by Integrity – our commitment to serving clients with their best interest in mind is our highest priority at all times. Privacy and confidentiality are protected.

In Consistent Pursuit of Excellence – services are provided by a professionally trained counselor from a fully accredited graduate school, where state licensure, national certification and continued learning are required to provide exceptional and expert therapy that our clients deserve.

Committed to teamwork – through networking with a select group of professional mental health care providers in the Atlanta area, resources to help meet client’s needs are available.

Relational – often times what is remembered by people is not what we did but how we made them feel. The therapeutic relationship is like none other. Through gentle appreciation and mutual respect, the client and counselor collaborate to uncover obstacles to growth and healing. As they journey together, the client finds healing for the past, wholeness for the present, and a vision for what may be possible for the future.

Balanced – we seek to integrate behavioral sciences and essential truths of Christian faith. Additionally, we embrace cultural sensitivity and relevancy.

Barbara's Bio & History

Barbara Carlin is Owner and President of Horizon Counseling & Consulting, LLC, located in Atlanta, Georgia. As a Licensed Professional Counselor and National Board Certified Counselor, she takes satisfaction in working with individuals, groups and conducting workshops. She often is invited to speak on a multitude of topics related to mental health and personal well-being.

Barbara received her BA in Education and Fine Art from Upsala College – a small, private liberal arts college outside of New York City. For 30 years she has involved herself as an educator, and writer and teacher of women’s studies. She earned her MA in Professional Counseling, with an added specialization in the integration of Spirituality and Counseling, at Richmont Graduate University (formerly Psychological Studies Institute) in Atlanta. Additionally, Barbara is a  certified Trauma Resolution Therapist and certified to utilize the PREPARE/ENRICH assessment program for couples. Her training and experience are extensive, as she proclaims to be a “life-long learner” and values continuing education.

Barbara has a passion for people and holds the belief that people can transcend adversities. Her therapy goals with clients are ambitious: in addition to symptom removal and alleviation of pain – Barbara strives to facilitate personal and spiritual growth. She is especially interested in seeing people experience real change – as opposed to merely learning how to cope better. In Barbara’s mind, it is the therapeutic process of transformation that people become equipped to draw from their personal, spiritual and social resources, as they encounter life’s challenges.

Barbara is a member of the American Counseling Association, American Association of Christian Counselors, Christian Association of Psychological Studies and Licensed Professional Counselors of GA.

Barbara shares her life with Robert, her husband for 42 years. They have a grown son who is also happily married to their daughter-in-love, with two very amazing grandchildren! She has an ardent love for the arts, nature, reading and cooking for people she cares about.

Important Things to Consider

Location and Directions:

1640 Powers Ferry Rd,
Building 17, Suite 300,
Marietta, GA 30067

Length of Sessions and Fees:
The initial in-take session is 90 minutes at $260. Subsequent sessions are 50 minutes at $190. The fees are commensurate with the level of training and education the counselor has obtained.

Method of Payment:
Checks, cash or credit cards are acceptable forms of payment.

We do not have the staff to adequately process insurance claims. However, we will provide clients with a statement that includes all the necessary information to file for insurance reimbursement. Insurance companies have many rules and requirements specific to certain plans. It is the client’s responsibility to know what their coverage is relative to counseling.

Sliding Scale Fees:
We do not offer a sliding scale, however referrals can be made to counseling practices that do. Horizon Counseling participates in many pro-bono services to the community in lieu of sliding scale fees.