What’s been most helpful for me in counseling is having someone who is objective that I can process my experiences and problems with, who is also a Christian. The atmosphere at Horizon is warm, caring and supportive. I gain more and more clarity about my life with each session. I am grateful to my counselor for her professionalism, her sound wisdom and kindness.
Graduate student from Atlanta
Through the counseling process, I have learned to understand my experiences and feel validated. Therapy has taught me to listen to myself and to recognize that my feelings are legitimate. Knowing my counselor is there to help me, providing a safe place and time apart from all the many distractions, really made a difference for me.
Seeking a new career from Marietta
We have been married for 26 years. I consider it a good marriage. However, my wife and I seemed to argue more and more. The closeness we once shared seemed like a far-off memory. Someone to help us identify what we were missing was needed. It turned out to be time well spent and has brought new life to our relationship. Our counselor helped me to be honest with myself and helped keep me accountable without judgment. I am a better husband, father and person because of our participation in couples’ counseling. I recommend it for anyone who not only wants a good marriage, but a great one.
Couple from Kennesaw
I have struggled with varying degrees of anxiety and depression over the years. Nothing seemed to help until I took the time to consider the deeper issues in my life. Counseling allowed me to distinguish God’s voice, amongst the many competing voices that began in early childhood. I now understand my true worth. I have some sad times now and then, but mostly I enjoy my life and my relationships in ways that were not possible for me before.
Corporate Administrator from Atlanta
After the death of my mother and an unexpected divorce, the loss and grief were profound. Attending a group helped me to take some positive steps toward recovery. Adjusting to separation and loneliness has not been easy but I learned that healing is a process. The compassion and skill with which Barbara led, made hope for change and a different future possible.
High School Teacher from Smyrna